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Application Procedure

All students nominated for a short-term studies or internship at the University of Silesia in Katowice, regardless of the exchange programme, have to apply online via: www.epass.us.edu.pl.

These are the steps that need to be taken:

1. Create your personal account in the ePASS system.

2. Fill in all the required information.

3. Upload:

  • passport photo (for student’s ID Card),
  • scan of ID card (passport is necessary in the case of non-EU citizens),
  • scan of health insurance (EHIC card in the case of EU citizens),
  • scan of accident insurance.

4. Consult your study programme:

  • Erasmus+ students: please, contact the Erasmus+ departmental coordinator by e-mail to get the list of available courses
  • other exchange students: please, email international@us.edu.pl 

5. Prepare your Learning Agreement and upload it into the ePASS system, signed and stamped by your home university.

6. If you have decided to apply for a room in our dormitories, please choose the right option in ePASS.

7. Print your application form from the ePASS system (from the section "Print your documents"); it will be available only after all your data is complete and approved by system administrators.

8. Upload the application form, signed and stamped by your home university, into the ePASS system.

The data from the ePASS system will be used to prepare your student’s ID, confirm your accommodation, and to provide you with other necessary information.

Deadlines for application:

  • Fall term: 30 June
  • Summer term: 30 November
Learning Agreement for Studies (Erasmus+)107.92 KB
Learning Agreement for Traineeships (Erasmus+)99.21 KB
Learning Agreement for Studies (other programmes)42 KB
Confirmation Card246.53 KB
Coordinators for International Cooperation141.19 KB


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